Mastermind Goals

An efficient Mastermind group sets goals and achieves them


  • Establish your 6 month goal
  • Present your challenge or idea in the form of a question
  • Brainstorm with 10 other people on how to build the idea, or resolve the challenge (like having 1-on-10 coaching)
  • Set a short term goal based off of the group discussion
  • Be held accountable by the rest of the group and report to them in the next session
  • Receive follow up reminders via email weekly
A friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose
— Napoleon Hill

What is a mastermind?


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Together we will build a community of achievers to discover and build our own potential as well as the potential of others through:

  • Development of ourselves

    • Leadership
    • Entrepreneurial Skills
    • Communication
    • Discipline
    • Maximizing Talents
  • creation of ideas

  • Overcoming challenges

  • mass networking with like-minded people

  • Business opportunities

  • Potential Partnerships

  • learn from successes

  • step away from average into excellence

  • Development of Others

    • Practice Your Leadership
    • Invest Your Time Helping Others Achieve
    • Create Relationships Built Around Growth
    • Partner Up and Watch As Idea's Transform
    • Produce Results Through Genuine Accountability

Mastermind goal

Bring together a community of like-minded achievers who, through proper organization, are given the opportunity to present their own ideas, challenges, knowledge, skill-set, and successes in order to mass produce accountability, productivity, and most importantly - personal greatness proven through results.
This is not a step you take when you have no-where else to go; this is the step required when you know where you want to go, and hunger for the motivation, knowledge, and support to get there.

 mastermind theme

Achieve or Abandon

Achieve or Abandon is our theme for this year. Amplified Minds believes that we are either Achieving our personal greatness, or, Abandoning our potential. Let us ask you - where do you stand?

About us


Mission Statement

Amplified Minds desires to disrupt the influencer world by providing a kind of value where YOU bring the knowledge, connection, and power towards others and WE simply facilitate it, and hold you accountable. In the over saturated world of influencers, our vision is to be different and stay unique through services you want to support. Our goal is to get YOU promoted, raise the success rate of Start-Ups, and get your business through challenges that will launch you to the next level. We believe in the individual, the network, the Start-Up, the Business, "Shelf-Education" and You.


Founders of Amplified Minds

Matt Fritzsche - Brian Hubbard
 Ryan Fritzsche