Amplified Minds brings you two dynamic speakers who motivate, teach, disrupt and take listeners on a journey to their own success. Whether speaking together or individually, Matt Fritzsche and Brian Hubbard have the ability to motivate and promote change.

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Who We Are

Matt Fritzsche, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker

Matt Fritzsche has a passion for helping others reach their potential. Matt has a unique ability to connect emotionally allowing others to experience how it feels to succeed, fail, and take control of their own lives in a way never taught before.


With the knowledge, experience, and stories Matt will share, he will communicate how to disrupt thoughts, habits and ideas to make room for change and growth.


Matt thrives on speaking to businesses, universities, and high schools where he motivates, provides opportunity, and holds individuals accountable until they’ve excelled past what they thought was possible. With a true passion for speaking and the experience to back it, Matt will take your organization to the next level.

Check Out Matt In Action

Fun Facts About Matt

1. Matt Loves to read. With an average of a book a day.

2. Matt loves his cars!

3. Matt would prefer cereal over any other meal at any time of the day.

4. At 12, Matt set five goals he hungered to achieve by the time he was 25 years old. Now at 25, he's surpassed them in many ways.

5. Matt's most passionate about helping others achieve their goals as fast as possible to show how much more they can achieve.

Brian Hubbard, Entrepreneur, Networker, Futurist, Fitness Enthusiast

With the capability to connect with people on an individual level, Brian is experienced and passionate about helping others reach their personal success through setting goals and showing them they can achieve even more than what they think is possible.

Seeing time and again that accountability is a key component necessary, and often lacking, Brian will motivate through stories of success and sharing key aspects of why accountability is so important. His audiences see that through accountability, utilizing their network, and reaching goals, success and getting to the next level simply becomes a matter of timing.

With the power to show people they have the ability to accomplish more, Brian will help individuals and companies reach success.

Fun Facts About Brian

1. He can tell you all the names of the characters from his favorite childhood show, Dragon Ball Z! Also, secretly he wishes he was a Super Saiyan.

2. The number one book that has help changed his life for the better has been ‘The Secret’

3. Public Speaking is one of his favorite ways to help influence people, but he still gets nervous before every speaking event out of excitement. 

4. When he sees people accomplish their goals and see that there is more to life than what they thought was previously possible is one of his all time favorite things. 

5. ‘Family first’ is one of his favorite quotes, he knows that you have to put in the time to get what you want to make it worth while, but at the back of it all he knows that the family, his family, is the most important thing to him!


When I met Matt and Brian I knew I needed to work with them.  Their collective knowledge through self education derived from hundreds of hours spent reading/ listening to experts and then applying those principles to their own successful business ventures was in and of itself impressive but then attending the mastermind group opened up a whole new level of appreciation for their skills as facilitators.    Whether you have already identified your dream and would benefit from collective expertise and ideas to cultivate and grow your venture or know that there is a dream in you but need assistance in identifying your passion, Matt and Brian are masters at fostering an environment where the creative process abounds.

- Wendi Kartchner

They have boosted my motivation and confidence and opened up countless doors for the future. It's a huge booster to be held accountable for the goals you set, and the atmosphere they create is nothing short of special. Amplified Minds is truly a unique company with loads of potential. 

- Jon Kovach

More of Us

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Our Platforms

Breaking the Mentality Cap


Think about how much your environment influences your life. From politics, religion, all the way to your very own success can be determined by the thoughts, actions, and habits of those around you. This limits us greatly and very few recognize it enough to break through it.

Example from Matt: 

"I had several life defining instances growing up with those I thought were my leaders. There are several accounts where I was told by teachers, principals, peers, etc., that I needed to change my goals, dreams, and passions. I wasn't ever considered 'smart' enough or 'good' enough to achieve the goals I set for myself. I know because they told me to my face. From those moments, I had two choices; 1. Allow them to define who I am and cap my potential. 2. Persist and breakthrough the mentality cap I was placed in." - Matt Fritzsche

What to Expect:

  1. Hear the stories of our speakers and the limiting environment they grew up in.

  2. Learn the steps used to break through the mentality cap they were placed in.

  3. Learn how to achieve the goals you set for yourself as fast as possible so you can move on to what else is out there for you.

  4. Leave with some accountability and begin taking action.

How To Utilize Your Network


Have you ever heard of Facebooks 'Degrees of Separation Theory' where they claim you're connected to everyone in the world through about 3.5 people? What does that mean for us? It means we have access to all the worlds knowledge and all the worlds power through just 3.5 people. The challenge we all face is getting them together and knowing how to utilize the network. 

How do I utilize my network?

  1. Give everything you have to others.

  2. Ask the right questions.

  3. Get what you want without manipulating others.

  4. Be the 'standout' in the room.

  5. Be the person that everyone will give everything to.

  6. Add more people to my network and expand.

What does this do for me?

We all have challenges we face constantly that keep us from achieving the things we want most. Yet the answers and solutions to those challenges are all around us. What if you were just one conversation away from breaking through your greatest challenges? If you're a business owner, a sales rep, a manager, an athlete, or anyone seeking more from what you do, you MUST know how to utilize your network.

New Age of Education


Either we're completely aware or we've at least heard people say that education is changing. So how do we stay ahead of the wave that is happening? Right now competition is ruling this world. You're either missing the waves, riding them, or you're the one creating new ones. Those who miss the waves live mediocre and average lives. Those who ride them achieve a little and live ok. Those who create new ones live well, have time, make a difference, generate the wealth, and so much more.

What do the creators know?

  1. Curiosity rules!

  2. Education is cheap.

  3. Knowledge is all around me.

  4. Experts know how to find answers fast.

  5. Disrupting thoughts, habits, and actions are vital.

  6. Your TRIBE is all the difference.

Achieve Your Greatness - or - Abandon Your Potential


We believe you are either achieving your greatness or abandoning your potential. To us, it's very black and white with zero gray area. The achievers define their own success, take control of situations, and make things happen because it's important to them. The abandoners allow others to define them, are at the mercy of everyone else, and lack the ability to gain anything for themselves.

What makes an Achiever?

  1. Learn the High Performance Habits

  2. Learn the Growth Mindset

  3. Learn to be your own boss in any situation

  4. Learn to accept who you are, but never settle

  5. Learn the best ways to utilize your network and excel your education

Amplified Minds Method of Selling


Have you ever:


  • Had someone tell you no?

  • Lost confidence in your ability to pitch and sell your opportunity?

  • Wanted so badly to achieve something but you can't get people to share the same excitement?

  • Felt like you lack the ability to begin with to sell?

Those who have used the Amplified Minds Method of Selling have turned their businesses into a success. In fact, the conversion rate of those who have been using our methods are above 90% and for many, is even flawless. You have the ability to gain the same results. The best news about our methods, it requires you to be a real person and a true friend! There are no sales gimmicks here. Just you doing what you should be doing if you're a friend. 

What makes up the Amplified Minds Method of Selling?

  1. With 6 questions we'll share, you can sell anything to anyone at anytime!

  2. Starting with WHY

  3. Building your story

  4. The Epiphany Bridge

We picked up on the Amplified Minds Method of Selling after watching a pro salesman turn to a lady next to him and within minutes, she wrote him a check for $25k and 10% of her business. We took what he did, made it a lot less abrasive, took away the manipulation, added sincerity and a natural flow. This method is great for any business owner, sales rep, or individual to know if they intend on being a little better or making a little more money.

Develop Your Mastermind


They do say that your income is the average of your closest five friends. Do we believe this means you need to get rid of old friends and find all new ones? No. But it does mean you should surround yourself with the lifestyle you want to live. The next step for you is to know how to get them all together and utilize the knowledge everyone has. 

A little more of what to expect.

  1. How to befriend those you want to be like most

  2. How to create FREE mentors and coaches for yourself

  3. What questions to ask and when

  4. How to get them all together and develop your own Mastermind

Be Your Own Boss


What if your business had a culture where everyone acted like, looked like, and felt like the boss? What would it do to the business itself if everyone cared that much about succeeding? Is it possible for everyone to be the boss?

'Boss' is a title that establishes who has responsibility to lead a team. In our mind, the term 'boss' is more of a mindset and a determination. That is the impression we make. A 'boss' is a decision we make individually based on our mindset and determination to succeed. In our respective work, we all have the ability to take control of our own destiny by creating our own value. When you provide your own value, you become un-manageable because no-one needs to babysit what you're doing. When that occurs, more responsibility, more leadership, and eventually more money can come. 

Where does it start and how can I have it?

  1. It start with the current 'bosses.' First, we speak to them and how to be a leader and NOT a 'boss.'

  2. We teach you how to take control of all situations and be the boss.

  3. We teach you how to inspire your teams and your 'bosses' to allow you to stand out and grow together.

  4. We teach you how to speak like a 'boss' to look like a 'boss.

  5. We teach you to breakthrough blame, criticism, and failure to ensure you have the confidence to write your own destiny.