Why Join a Mastermind?

Accountability - The difference between an idea and success.

It's tough to achieve goals by yourself! Many of us set goals, but few of us receive the kind of accountability necessary to achieve those goals. Think about all the great ideas you've had in the past that you believed could significantly improve your life, your business, the life of others, or the business you work for. How often did you take action? If you didn’t, why didn't you? If you broke that reason down to the very basics, we would boldly declare that it was due to a lack of accountability. Here's a disheartening thought, where would you be in life right now if you had taken action on those ideas and seen them through to fruition? Accountability makes the difference, and an Amplified Minds Mastermind Group is the only group that sticks with you and holds you accountable until your goal is achieved. How? Through peer accountability and peer follow up. That's utilizing your network, capitalizing on knowledge, and achieving your greatness.

Who is a mastermind for?

  • If you’re a Start-Up

  • If you have a ridiculous vision

  • If you want your business to grow

  • If you know (or are figuring out your WHY)

  • If you have business ideas you believe in

  • If you're ready to be paid what you’re worth

  • If you have a BIG dream but you don’t know how to get there

  • If you're ready to connect with like minded individuals

  • If you feel you're surrounded by people & wonder how to "get on their level"

  • If you're a person ready to walk the walk, and not just talk the talk

Don’t take our word for it!

"The Mastermind Groups have helped me achieve and set goals every week. I have learned to be persistent to what I want to accomplish which in this case are my goals. Because of the Mastermind Groups, I have started on making my dream job a reality. I recommend the Mastermind Groups because they help you reach your goals by holding you accountable every week so you can accomplish your goal so by next week so you can set a new goal." - Carla H. "It was a great experience to get together with driven, like-minded individuals and receive not only feedback, but REAL solutions to REAL problems that entrepreneurs face on a day to day basis." - Hayden P. "The Mastermind sessions through Amplified Minds have been a true life changer. They have boosted my motivation and confidence and opened up countless doors for the future. It's a huge booster to be held accountable for the goals you set, and the atmosphere they create is nothing short of special. Amplified Minds is truly a unique company with loads of potential." – Grant H.

Environment of game changers

Our Mastermind Groups are the only place where you, as one the visionaries, creatives, and game changers can gather together and safely express your own big visions with others who also seek big visions and be commended, thanked, and appreciated for your ideas. As one of the visionaries of the world, the odds are you've been criticized for your ideas, pitched someone else's idea of a "successful" path, been told to relax and slow down, or been told to do what is 'known' to provide a 'comfortable' life. Tired of that? We were too, and so are tens of thousands of individuals just like us! To solve this problem and create an environment that welcomes all ideas and thoughts, Amplified Minds has created mastermind groups for you "Game Changers." Our mastermind group policy includes zero tolerance towards negative criticism and is built by our community of achievers and "can-do" individuals.

People in Mastermind Groups think like you, envision like you, talk like you, set goals like you, and most importantly take action like you.

How many times do you have the opportunity to be surrounded by 10 individuals, with all different backgrounds, experiences, and knowledge, who's entire purpose of being there is to help you succeed? Mastermind Groups are not only a group of people gathered together seeking the same thing you are, but you're actually helping each other brainstorm and set goals to achieve those game changing ideas! That is power that only exists in getting together networks in the form of Mastermind Groups.

Find people like you

The owners of Amplified Minds (Matt Fritzsche, Brian Hubbard, and Ryan Fritzsche) have always sought to find people like themselves who would stand with them to challenge the status quo. After reading "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, for the first time when he was 12, Matt saw the need for a mastermind group among his own friends. This was something that absolutely did not exist, and when the attempt was made, there was little interest. This was before social media where we had to rely on who we knew directly.

A similar thing happened to Brian when he sought out that person to partner with to create that "Game Changing" idea. Five years, as he recalls, went by as he actively pursued that individual and came up with many "talkers" but zero "walkers." Years went by and stronger attempts were pushed to get together this type of group. What we know now is that people weren’t ready to accept this great idea. Now it's 2017 and there are more people in this world racing to succeed than ever before, but they're choosing to race on foot while a select few are driving race cars. The timing was perfect, and the vehicle was built.

Our purpose is to get you inside this mastermind vehicle to help you race towards that success you desire most! That vehicles engine is the group you're surrounded by who think like you, envision like you, talk like you, set goals like you, and take action like you. That search is over! You now have a place where you can utilize a network that helps you capitalize on knowledge!

Like-minded peers A Mastermind Group is THE place to connect with other like minded individuals sharing a similar purpose. Take our experience as an example: With years of searching, finding a business partner who shared the same work ethic, vision, and passion was very difficult. It was by chance that we connected. Rather than leaving it to chance to find those similar minds you want to surround yourself with, a Mastermind Group will bring them all together. It's the fastest way from A-Z with the least amount of resistance possible. “I have not failed”

People fail hundreds, even thousands of times, before they succeed. These failures are the sum of every decision that went wrong, process that didn’t work, idea that wasn't accepted, and so on. Through persistence, most of the successful people you know went through those trials and came out on top. What if you could have a group that provides you the information that works, support for ideas you have, and help you achieve goals that will benefit you most, so you don't have to fail hundreds to thousands of times before you succeed? One example of how useful knowing how not to do something is; Thomas Edison, one of America's greatest inventors of all time. Edison created the light bulb, but before he was able to figure out how to make the light bulb that is giving you light right now, he failed more than 10,000 times! This is what he said about his failures "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." For as fantastic as his persistence and tenacity was, what if Edison could have been able to find out just after 100 or 200 tries? This is exactly what a Mastermind Group can do for you, speed up the process of how fast you accomplish things! It will get rid of a lot of failures that you would have otherwise put yourself through.

This this is key to growth