What They Didn’t Teach you in Business School

What comes to mind when you think of owning a business? Is it the excitement, challenge, flexibility, freedom, opportunity and self-fulfillment? Business ownership can appear to be a dream come true. Speaking from experience, business ownership is all of these things, and it’s a lot more work than you can imagine. Owning a business is both exhilarating and exhausting. The opportunity to make something your own and to finally put your ideas and passions into action have come true. As wonderful as business ownership is, and it really is, it can also be very lonely and isolating. The sole responsibility for all decisions will make you constantly doubt yourself. Almost nothing goes as originally planned and you can easily find yourself in a permanent state of being overwhelmed with no one to turn to. Facing Business Challenges Having owned and operated three businesses, I have faced all of these challenges and more. At times, these challenges could be paralyzing. The one thing I craved more than anything was to be able to discuss my ideas with someone who understood what I was going through – someone who understood the pressure of success and the weight of every decision. At the time, I wasn’t aware of any resources or support groups to help with these isolated experiences. To add to the stresses of the daily operations, the relationships in my life became very difficult to maintain, especially when I was in the startup phases. Honestly, my brain never really stopped thinking about the business and the time I put into it meant that my friends and sometimes even my family were neglected. Solution to Business Loneliness My family was always very supportive, but they didn’t quite understand the struggles, the decisions, or how to help me move past some of the business challenges. When I first met the owners of Amplified Minds I realized they were creating a business built around a solution to this very struggle. I was overjoyed to know there was an answer to the loneliness of business ownership and the possibility that I, too, could help others grow their business and be there for them when they faced challenges. They claim to be an accountability company, but Amplified Minds is so much more. They have the ability to eliminate the loneliness of business and help entrepreneurs navigate through the often treacherous hurdles of business ownership. Through their mastermind groups, business owners have a safe place to come together with like-minded individuals to discuss their challenges, network with other professionals, as well as be held accountable to goals set and action items that need to be achieved. Can you relate? Here’s what I can tell you: Had I used resources such as Amplified Minds, their accountability program and their mastermind groups, I can only imagine how successful my businesses would be. My advice to all business owners and entrepreneurs is that you don’t have to feel alone. Find resources that offer an outlet and group environment to share your ideas, your challenges and your successes. Don’t let the loneliness paralyze you from progress, find others who will support you and your dreams. Business ownership is 100% worth it. So is surrounding yourself with other like-minded achievers.