What is Follow Up to You?

When in business, follow up is key! Accountability is paramount to success whether that be in your personal life or professional, and you will only get that with continued follow up. Often people ask me, "When do I need to follow up, I don't want to come across as annoying, but I know we need to keep the momentum going."

Often, our first reaction is follow up immediately afterwords, but is there a magic number of days that you should wait until making contact? No! There never has been and there never will be. I will say this, don't hesitate to take action, maybe not minutes after the first contact, but don't let the opportunity pass itself up and forget about it as a whole. You have to gauge the situation, as every situation is different.

If writing an email thank you note, try printing it out before sending it, don't let typos sneak in there and ruin your chance of a good impression, professional speaking. A simple follow up email, note, letter, etc, shows your ability as professional to get express yourself in a manner that should be clear and right to the point and not beating around the bush.

Below are some tips to help with your follow-up.

  • A simple follow up email should be sent within 36 hours of first contact. Once again, there is no time limit to send the follow up email, just don't let it pass.

  • Before sending the email, note, letter, go over it and read it out loud to make sure there are no typos that might have snuck in.

  • It is a good idea to thank whomever it may be you are reaching out to for the info they have shared with you.

  • Try and recap the meeting you previously had, or any info you went over so you are both on the same page.

Hint: If you want great insight on how follow up should be done in a professional setting, go and find a local mastermind group and see how they run accountability and follow up. For local mastermind groups in Utah go check out amplifiedminds.com

Follow up is a excellent habit to form, it will put on display your professional etiquette.