The Real Day-to-Day Behind a Start-Up

I want to take you through an experience of the harsh reality, the truth, the stresses, the pains, and the ever glorious and feel-good moments of a start-up company. My goal is to enlighten those who are wanting to start their own company or simply get through their own day, feed off of those who already have, and seek wisdom from those who have dominated.

My name is Matt Fritzsche. I am the Co-Founder of Amplified Minds (A.M.). This company provides me the great lifestyle I live while now building my passions. However, there is the inevitable reality for the entrepreneur.

Let's establish some truth - entrepreneurship is HARD! Building a business is done in so many different ways (or so I've discovered) and anyone can be successful in all of them. Some people chase the money into pools of over infested waters that turn out to be a blood bath. Some people chase revolutionary idea's that cost millions and either make billions or turn them broke. Some people take you for a fool and beg you to pay for their over priced and over valued programs and products. Others search for needs in the market, strategize trends in the future, and have the business IQ to dominate those areas. And then there are those, like us at Amplified Minds, who chase their passions because they truly believe there is a way to change the world. Isn't that the most cliche thing you've ever heard? No matter what direction you are inspired to take, IT'S HARD TO GET TO THE TOP.

Fortunately, we (A.M.) truly do feel like we have something special. Unfortunately, every entrepreneur feels like they do (or at least they should). For the last three years, I keep asking myself, "How can I influence the masses?" and "What can I do to impact the world?" Every month of those three years, I had come up with something new, including writing an entire book that I don't even attempt to sell anymore (good decision to print 1,000 copies of it). Why? Why does it take so dang long to figure out a great direction to go? Again, ENTREPRENEURSHIP IS HARD.

Then all at once, there's a discovery - an "Ah hah!" moment. Our "moment" was discovering we were asking the wrong questions. We kept asking "what" and "how" but, for some reason, never asked "why"?

Seeing as how I am starting this daily adventure, I'll tell you that we began asking WHY a little while ago. It changed our course completely. Today was a reminder of the importance of WHY.

Death to Monday

It seems to be the common perception that Monday is the worst. It's the day that many dread, especially after a nice, fun-filled weekend. We fell victim to it early on. What is the single most important thing we did today to catch the spark and light on fire? Ask ourselves why are we doing this? I would encourage you to really ponder WHY you do what you do. Everything can be broken down to WHY. If you can't, you probably need to reconsider what you're doing (= Harsh Reality).

If you find your why, use it to light your path on fire. Your WHY is purpose driven, contains value, and propels us forward to achieving our greatness. Your WHY will direct you during tough (and easy) decisions. Your WHY automatically prioritizes your day! Find it. Once it's found, never let it go, but allow it to grow, adapt, and dare I say, change with the times. Finding your WHY isn't the end goal, but a broad step towards it.