Strong Businesses Start With Why

Zac Strong is Amplified Minds’ honorary first of many members in the Circle of Knowledge program. In February of 2018, Zac took the leap into entrepreneurism by starting his own line of business through his affiliation of Optavia. After one and one-half months of business, ProblemAddicts now has 4 clients and is growing with positivity and the powerful influence in the lives of people.

(Jon) What kind of business is ProblemAddicts?

(Zac) ProblemAddicts is a health, weight and mind coaching LLC that turns weight problems into addict solutions. I take the problems people endure of being obese and turn it into a way to help someone make massive change in their lives as well as become coaches themselves. Those who choose the path of becoming a coach work under my wing until they are set to take their business out on their own. I use the Optavia platform to coach people and have added my own weight loss and mind coaching curriculum.

(Jon) How long have you had this business?

(Zac) I’ve been in business for myself since February 2018. I have 4 incredible clients and growing. One of my clients lost 17 pounds in their first month. It’s incredible because when they have the change in their life and then share it with family and friends our business grows. It’s word of mouth at it’s best. My clients can start learning the coaching side at any time, if that is what they choose to do. They can apply their active participation in the program and learn the essential skills and fundamental habits before they enlist to coach.

(Jon) Why did you choose to do this type of work?

(Zac) I struggled for 4 years to lose 80 pounds. Have you felt that pain of going up and down, losing and gaining the weight? That was my life for most the journey. I wasn’t sure what was missing. It took me years to change my habits, and lose the weight. Looking back, I now know that if I’d had this program, that I could have developed the same habits and achieved the same goal in less than 8’s incredible what having a coach can do.

Now, after having gone through the program myself, I’ve been able to bring out my 6-pack. I had struggled for over a year to do what took my 2 weeks with this program.

(Jon) What difference have you made in the lives of those people since you started?

(Zac) To give you an idea of what my client’s experience, my first client lost 17 pounds in their first month, which is over half of their goal of 30 pounds. They have more energy and they don’t hit a wall in the middle of the day.

My second client lost 18 pounds in their first month. She was so excited to go and buy a new t-shirt to fit–the old ones weren’t fitting anymore. May favorite moment as their coach is when they send me a photo of them outfitting their new wardrobe they have the biggest smiles on their faces.

My third client lost 10 pounds in their first month and reported to have more energy and has reversed the habit of gaining a pound a week.

The feeling of having to choose a new wardrobe is like having a birthday. It's a satisfaction of achievement and that you are doing something that works. As a coach, seeing them achieve milestones almost helps me relive that experience of being helped and changing my life around. It’s like I get to relive the experience vicariously through them. It’s euphoric and amazing. I get to help others reach their own goals.

After my struggle a friend reached out, and showed me a way to pay it forward - to help others achieve their goals in a fraction of the time that it took me. That’s when I jumped on it and ProblemAddicts was born.

(Jon) What has worked to help you get business off the ground and how are you selling things?

(Zac) Amplified Minds shared a resource and personal application principle with me that really triggered all of this. They recommended that I read the book, “Find Your Why,” by Simon Sinek. They related it back to personal life and business. That is when I got ProblemAddicts started. Now I get to go back to Amplified Minds and report back the successes I am having. My first client was gained from a personal Facebook message to practice performing health assessments. During one of the assessments, a participant realized they had big goals that they could achieve through the full program. Then, they came on as a client.

(Jon) What has been your experience attending our Amplified Minds Mastermind Groups?

(Zac) I love attending the Mastermind Groups. Just seeing people in the groups already achieving big goals has motivated me to do things that I once thought was impossible or unattainable. Watching other members of the Community of Achievers actually fulfill their milestones motivates me. I also love that it is an environment of 100% positivity, which also invites an atmosphere of achievement and change. Even if I don’t achieve my goal, I am not afraid to attend our mastermind sessions and face the disappointment of letting everyone down. Instead, I can happily report that I fell short because I know that the environment of encouragement will only uplift and motivate me more to go back out and achieve my goals.