Strong Businesses Start With Why

Zac Strong is Amplified Minds’ honorary first of many members in the Circle of Knowledge program. In February of 2018, Zac took the leap into entrepreneurism by starting his own line of business through his affiliation of Optavia. After one and one-half months of business, ProblemAddicts now has 4 clients and is growing with positivity and the powerful influence in the lives of people.

(Jon) What kind of business is ProblemAddicts?

(Zac) ProblemAddicts is a health, weight and mind coaching LLC that turns weight problems into addict solutions. I take the problems people endure of being obese and turn it into a way to help someone make massive change in their lives as well as become coaches themselves. Those who choose the path of becoming a coach work under my wing until they are set to take their business out on their own. I use the Optavia platform to coach people and have added my own weight loss and mind coaching curriculum.

(Jon) How long have you had this business?

(Zac) I’ve been in business for myself since February 2018. I have 4 incredible clients and growing. One of my clients lost 17 pounds in their first month. It’s incredible because when they have the change in their life and then share it with family and friends our business grows. It’s word of mouth at it’s best. My clients can start learning the coaching side at any time, if that is what they choose to do. They can apply their active participation in the program and learn the essential skills and fundamental habits before they enlist to coach.