Know Your Why

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to understand and clearly define your WHY. The power of knowing your WHY crosses into every facet of your life. Your WHY gives you purpose and allows you to create intrinsic motivation that propels you forward. When you know your WHY, your WHAT is driven by purpose and ultimately becomes more impactful! A big mistake we encounter frequently is people focusing on the WHAT without knowing their WHY. Although important in time, focusing on your WHAT before your WHY can lead you away from the path you truly wish to be on and potentially waste a lot of time. Focusing on your WHY will begin to light the path for your WHAT, enabling you to maintain sight of your true vision. To further clarify, your WHY should be the driving force behind all areas of your life: your daily activities, building a business, growing a company, being a great parent, becoming a great leader and more.

Your WHY impacts every aspect of your life, including:

  • Daily activities

  • Building a business

  • Growing within a company

  • Being a great parent

  • Becoming a great leader

Here’s a perfect example of a WHY and how it affects every aspect of your life from our own Director of Operations, Emily Eads:

AM: Why are you working here? Emily: Because I really want to help others succeed and Amplified Minds has a vision that I can get behind that will allow me to do that. Since we’re all driven by wanting to help others succeed, I was able to build a connection with you guys and the direction you wanted to take this company. AM: How does that affect your approach to growing the business? Emily: Every task I approach, every daily thing that I do is to drive that success. Everything I do has to move the company forward towards their vision and others’ success. AM: How does that affect you as a parent? Emily: It really affects my children in two ways. One, they get to see that my desire is helping others and that really teaches them and shows them that principle of helping others. I know they will take that lesson out into the world and put it to practice as well. Second, is showing them the work ethic behind the decisions I make that drives us towards success. They get to follow my example as well as learn what I learn and go out and utilize that knowledge for their benefit and the benefit of those they come in contact with.

You Need A Why!

How to define your WHY?

This is the most instinctual part of discovering yourself. Your WHY will take time and a lot of personal reflection and may not be easy to define at first. Think about your values - or - what’s most important to you. Your WHY will include things you would defend or stick up for most, your beliefs, your desires and any idea that will motivate you to relentlessly press forward. Your WHY is what excites you to think and dream. It's the ideas you have worth fighting for. Your WHY is what you believe in most. Lastly, your WHY defines who you hope to be! First, reflect on the items that are most important to you. Don't worry about being selfish; your wants, desires and beliefs are unique to you and what will allow you to impact your life and the world in a positive way. This brings us to your next step in finding your WHY. It's imperative that you discover how your WHY influences others and how others can benefit from what's driving you.

There are several reasons why you should begin any life or business journey with your WHY; not only will it guide you to your WHAT, but you'll find that most people will be more interested in why you're doing what you do rather than just what you're doing. It's human nature to feel a connection to and follow a story more than an individual alone. Take your followers and fans on a journey by helping them see why you are doing what you're doing. Sharing your WHY will help others to relate to and engage with you and your business.

Knowing your WHY will keep you engaged in your own vision and goals. When you're presented with a challenge - and there will be challenges - that makes you think twice about what you are doing, you need something to fall back on that makes the decision to continue to move forward as black and white as possible. This is your WHY! When the going gets rough, and you are questioning whether or not you should go forth with an idea or action, knowing your WHY will make the choice very clear.

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