How To Set 10X Goals

The phrase 10X has been most popularly coined by sales guru and businessman, Grant Cardone, in his book, “The 10X Rule.” We believe that taking a simple goal and multiplying it by 10X value will elevate your efforts and your results. Instead of wishing you could make $50,000 with your entrepreneurial venture, applying a 10X expectation could potentially lead to $500,000 of income. The author of The Power of Positive Thinking, Norman Vincent Peale, said, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.” This 10X expectation can be interpreted as if you don’t quite achieve something you’ve aimed for, you’ll still be somewhere farther than where you started. A 10X goal is one that is 10-times greater than your normal goals. It’s a goal that is so large that it scares and excites you. It’s the one thing that will guarantee that you get what you want in amounts greater than you ever thought were imaginable. They also work in every area of your life when you believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. 10X goals help you achieve your ultimate dreams and aspirations far greater and much faster than normal goals. In order to achieve 10X goals, you must change your expectations and increase your efforts to make those dreams a reality. If you take intentional action with an increased focus on these goals, your success will move from stationary to achievement. When you set 10X goals, you amplify your mentality and how you will achieve your dreams. I used to set goals such as lose weight, look sexier, and become stronger. Those are horrible goals because they don’t have a quantifiable standard of measurement and they represent an idea of what I wanted. 10X goals aren’t just massive goals, they are uniquely specific. Instead of setting pointless goals like lose weight, I should set a specific goal of how much weight I’d like to lose, what features I’d like to see more of (such as abs, neck, shoulders, chest, biceps, etc.) and I would also set a deadline for this goal, such as by December 24 (so I can enjoy holiday treats). Setting 10X goals can be intimidating because they can appear to be painful and full of sacrifice. That’s the point. I showed up to my first varsity track practice in high school expecting to only run one mile (something I heard other athletes talking about in the locker rooms). When the coach said we are running a 10-mile trail, I was shocked. I had never run 10 miles before. To my surprise, I had the strength and muster to finish the run. I had no other choice but to run the trail or lose my spot on the team. With the urgency and determination, I pushed through miles of pain and surprised myself at what I could accomplish. Later that season, I was able to run up to 80 miles in one week. Setting a 10X goal Set a goal for which you want to achieve in the next six months. Why six months? We believe that long-term goals are important but humans are more focused when the goal isn’t beyond six months. A regular goal looks like: I want to increase the success of my business. A 10X Goal might be: I want my company to be the commanding authority in merchant managing solutions, make more than $1,000,000 per year, and to be the anchor tenant of a 3-story building in less than 3 years. Step 1: What do you need to accomplish your 10X Goal

In order to obtain my 10X Goal, I need to be making $83,300 each month, something that I need to achieve by the end of my 6-months. Step 2: What opportunit(ies) will get you there?

Increase marketing and sales by 10X efforts.

Develop an omnipresence on every channel of social and mass communication. Increase partnership and sales affiliations with other companies, groups, and organizations. Step 3: What must you do with the opportunity to make your goals possible? I must build a solid team of motivated and inspired leaders who are out working hard every day by duplicating myself and building a great team of leaders and challenge my team to achieve their daily goals. Step 4: What is the most important thing you can do this week to obtain your goal? I need to promote my product to the right audiences over social media, radio, TV, and billboards. I will begin building and inspiring my team. Step 5: What is your goal for the week? I have had multiple vision meetings with my managers and employees. I have explained our 10X Goals to the company. Each team has set their own 10X Goals in order to attain our company-wide goals. At Amplified Minds, we call this process “reverse engineering.” When you identify the long-term goal, you need to break down what and how you will achieve each goal.

There are many members of the Amplified Minds’ Community of Achievers network and many of them are motivated by their goals. We challenge each of them to set 10X Goals and to work relentlessly towards their dreams because they matter.

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