Harness Your Dark Side

From the Amplified Minds first Circle of Knowledge podcast episode, Matt Fritzsche, Brian Hubbard, and Jon Kovach Jr talk about harnessing your dark side, a theme found in the book, "Relentless", by Tim S. Grover. Matt introduces the subtle message and principle of harnessing your dark side from the book “Relentless,” by Tim S. Grover.

Do you have the right stuff in you to take action when people say that you can’t do something? Use the negativity and the naysayers in life as fuel to show and prove others wrong. You deserve to prove it to yourself that you can do difficult things. Harness everything within yourself to build a drive for success. What is your dark side? Is it getting stuff done? Is it being intentional with your approach to learning something new or unknown? Matt said, “The fastest way to clean a garage is to start moving one box... I read one page in a book which leads to reading the entire book. Start doing one thing in the direction of your goals and watch how your dark side will surface. Then move fast.” Amplified Minds Challenge: Find one thing that motivates you and gets you into the right mindset to access the right energy to achieve great things. Dare to be different.

The Circle of Knowledge Podcast

Episode Transcription: The Circle of Knowledge podcast is brought to you by Amplified Minds –helping entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and dreamers take their business ideas and goals to the next level. This podcast features best-selling industry resources and the professional panel discussions by the core team at Amplified Minds. Now here are their discussions. (Jon) Welcome to the Circle of Knowledge podcast. This is Jon Kovach Jr., your host, introducing our conversations today with Matt Fritzsche and Brian Hubbard. (Matt) Hey guys! How's it going? We're super excited to be with you. I know Brian is but maybe I can let Brian say that. (Brian) Yeah, I'm very excited to be here with you guys today. What we're gonna do right now is we're start off with a little fun fact and I'm actually gonna be going first today. I know Jon actually is the host but I'm just gonna jump right into what is something is kind of random or special about me so that you guys can get to know me a little bit better. A little fun fact is I was a kid, and even a little bit still to this day, love Dragon Ball Z. I can almost name all the characters in that show if you guys don't even know what this is then you're not as nerdy as me. (Matt) I love it. Very nice. Well, thanks, Brian. We appreciate him. You're going to get to know us a lot better. You're also gonna get to know a lot of the knowledge that we're gaining from the books that we're reading. In just 5-10 minutes we're going to have a quick conversation where we're going to highlight some of the fun, some of the exciting, and some of the most important things that we learned. Today happens to come from the book "Relentless," from Tim S. Grover. Tim S. Grover happens to be or used to be the trainer for Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade and some of the big names that you've heard. This incredible guy, I would recommend going and checking out "Relentless." But today, the topic that we're going to talk about is kind of fun. It's kind of fun, but at the same time, it's very serious. It is that we all have a dark side. Harness your dark side. You have a dark side that refuses to be taught. Let's talk about it. What does it mean, especially in let's say business? I mean obviously if you're listening you're either an entrepreneur or you're an intrapreneur – someone who's working himself up within a business. What does it mean to have a dark side in the harness a dark side? (Jon) Jumping right in, I'd say that the dark side of everyone who thinks about business is to take over the world. We've talked about what people think about the term mastermind and some think some think that a mastermind is essentially a person or group that is going to take over the world. I think there is a dark side to all things, but I think it's as we dig a little bit deeper we'll find more about the dark side of things as we move into this discussion. (Brian) I want to hear what the book says that the dark side really is.

(Matt) The author was a trainer for some of the top sports guys out there. As far as the dark side is concerned, it's referring to those individuals playing sports right, who get out there and have this unstoppable force behind them to succeed and to win. They will stop at nothing. They will be the person who single-handedly carries their team to victory. But seeing that dark side, it's getting rid of all the outside fans and forces who are constantly yelling at them, and all the other negativity surrounding them. They use that as fuel to your fire to get out and to just crush it. Given all of the adversity, they make things happen and refuse to settle and quit. That is definitely an athletes perspective. Tim S. Grover compares a lot of stuff to business. I'm curious what does it mean to you and how can we apply that to our businesses? (Jon) When somebody says that you can or cannot do something there's that little dark side of you that says well I disagree. When someone says no, you can't do this, or this is impossible and it's never been done, that's not scalable, or that's not actually a business plan, the darkest part of me doesn't want to be rude or confront them in the wrong way. I definitely want to say no you're wrong and I definitely believe that I can do it. In my mind, I'm just going to prove you wrong without saying it to you. (Matt) I feel like success is a mindset. It's taking some of the outside naysayers, so to speak, and the lack of confidence we have within us sometimes we have those days where we just wake up and go, “Ah. I don't know if what I'm doing is the most beneficial and I don't know if what I'm doing is going to make me the most money.” And I think it's turning all that into a raw power and using that to fuel yourself right. If it's comments from other people, use that as motivation. You will either prove them wrong or dare I say, prove yourself right. (Brian) That last sentence that you just said there is actually something that I was just thinking about while you were talking. One thing that Matt was just talking about and actually one thing that he's talked to me a lot about is that he loves proving people wrong. He loves being able to show people that he can do something and prove yourself right. I love to prove myself right and that could be the ‘dark side’ of you. If there are any Star Wars fans out there, obviously there's the dark side within that, but this is something that you can really harness for yourself and you can prove yourself right. You might even be thinking that it pulls you down this dark side, but you need to harness that and make it into your very own power. Make it into the force you know. Take the things that might even be pulling you down and know that those things are what makes you different and what makes you unique. They are what make you-you. I mean, what makes me Brian is that I can harness whatever it is that I have within me and use that to my fullest potential and prove myself right. Matt can be proving people wrong and we can all have the success that we want through this dark side. (Matt)I love that and I love that you brought up let's say the force and the Star Wars reference. In the book, he (Tim) actually references Clark Kent. Clark Kent’s dark side is Superman. Bruce Wayne’s dark side is Batman. Those ‘dark sides’ can be used for good. Your dark side isn't a bad thing. It's something that you can use to save the world, but it's something within you. I feel like it's pretty hardcore, for lack of better terms. It's pretty hardcore within you that you know that you have that inner drive and inner passion needed to pull it off. Grant Cardone says, “success is my duty, my responsibility, and my obligation.” I feel like that's the attitude we all must have. Success is our duty, our responsibility, and our obligation and we have no other choice except to succeed in life. That should be our mentality. Now, we need to access and find the one thing that we know we want most in this life and constantly refer back to that to get ourselves into the zone to get ourselves focused. We need this so that we're always ‘harnessing that dark side.’ (Jon) When it comes to business, I'd like to ask some questions. What do you believe your dark side is? What is that superpower that you're able to pull out? Let's just give ourselves an example: you're facing a challenge at work making a product to come to life, finding something that needs to be monetized, or something that will bring your business some income. How do we solve that using the dark side? How do we hone in on that superpower that we can essentially use in order to make it happen? (Matt) I'll answer one of them. How do I harness the dark side? I feel like my dark side is getting crap done. I won't stop working until something is done. I can laser focus. I can stay up till four o'clock in the morning. I know Brian can as well because we've done them many times together just to make sure something gets done. I feel like there's a raw part of me that likes to educate myself as well. I will stop at nothing until I learn what I need to know and then just go get it done. Sometimes I believe it's just the beginning that's the hardest part for any one of us. The fastest way to clean a garage is by moving one box. For me, I harness my dark side literally by picking up one single book and reading one single page. That has been my goal every morning to read one page. I read one single page and I end up reading an entire book. That is how I harness the dark side and then it gets me motivated to go take some action. (Brian) I love that. I think that's a fantastic way to harness it. I know Matt said that we've stayed up multiple times until a 4:00 a.m. or into the middle of the night to make things happen. Actually that quote, “make things happen,” is a mantra that I live by. It's actually something that I have on the screen of my phone. I put it there about a year and a half ago and I told myself that I would put it there for five years. By the end of five years. I will have accomplished the goals that I've set out to do. Some might be long-term goals that people would set out for thirty years, but I said I will achieve this within five years. I will look at my phone every single day because I'm always on it and I will harness this dark side within me and make things happen. It requires picking up a book and reading one page and getting a little thing done. For me, simply starting one thing really does get the flow moving for everything else. But if I can help one person throughout the day and make them feel good, it's almost like ecstasy. I would say helping others is a kind of ecstasy for me. If I can see someone accomplish what they're wanting to do and make them feel good about it, even if it is the smallest thing, like helping someone with their groceries to their car, it gets me going for the entire day. The way that I can do that and harness the dark side power is to help my wife out with something small every morning. Then, I love the rest of my day because I know that I've already helped one individual out and it gets me going. That's how I personally harness my dark side. (Matt) We challenge everyone out there to go out and find that one thing that gets you going? Go find that one thing that motivates you to kick yourself into gear. For me, it's simply reading one page. For Brian, it's it's going out and doing one little act of service and that gets him in the right mindset. Our challenge to you is to find that one thing that motivates you that you can then access at any time when you need it. I think that's how you're gonna start to harness your ‘dark side.’ Find that one thing that will for sure guarantee that you start to motivate yourself. (Jon) The only thing I would ad