Harness Your Dark Side

From the Amplified Minds first Circle of Knowledge podcast episode, Matt Fritzsche, Brian Hubbard, and Jon Kovach Jr talk about harnessing your dark side, a theme found in the book, "Relentless", by Tim S. Grover. Matt introduces the subtle message and principle of harnessing your dark side from the book “Relentless,” by Tim S. Grover.

Do you have the right stuff in you to take action when people say that you can’t do something? Use the negativity and the naysayers in life as fuel to show and prove others wrong. You deserve to prove it to yourself that you can do difficult things. Harness everything within yourself to build a drive for success. What is your dark side? Is it getting stuff done? Is it being intentional with your approach to learning something new or unknown? Matt said, “The fastest way to clean a garage is to start moving one box... I read one page in a book which leads to reading the entire book. Start doing one thing in the direction of your goals and watch how your dark side will surface. Then move fast.” Amplified Minds Challenge: Find one thing that motivates you and gets you into the right mindset to access the right energy to achieve great things. Dare to be different.

The Circle of Knowledge Podcast

Episode Transcription: The Circle of Knowledge podcast is brought to you by Amplified Minds –helping entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and dreamers take their business ideas and goals to the next level. This podcast features best-selling industry resources and the professional panel discussions by the core team at Amplified Minds. Now here are their discussions. (Jon) Welcome to the Circle of Knowledge podcast. This is Jon Kovach Jr., your host, introducing our conversations today with Matt Fritzsche and Brian Hubbard. (Matt) Hey guys! How's it going? We're super excited to be with you. I know Brian is but maybe I can let Brian say that. (Brian) Yeah, I'm very excited to be here with you guys today. What we're gonna do right now is we're start off with a little fun fact and I'm actually gonna be going first today. I know Jon actually is the host but I'm just gonna jump right into what is something is kind of random or special about me so that you guys can get to know me a little bit better. A little fun fact is I was a kid, and even a little bit still to this day, love Dragon Ball Z. I can almost name all the characters in that show if you guys don't even know what this is then you're not as nerdy as me. (Matt) I love it. Very nice. Well, thanks, Brian. We appreciate him. You're going to get to know us a