Circle of Knowledge Podcast

The Circle of Knowledge podcast is brought to you by Amplified Minds, an accountability company that helps businesses and individuals achieve their 10X-goals through mastermind groups, personal accountability coaching, business consulting and produced educational materials. Amplified Minds helps entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and dreamers take their business ideas and goals to the next level. This podcast features best-selling industry resources and the professional panel discussions by the core team at Amplified Minds. Discussions cover the golden tickets and key takeaways from best-selling books, leading articles, and knowledge-enhancing resources. Amplified Minds will suggest resources, interview business owners, and mastermind solutions to help you with your entrepreneurial and business-growth needs. Matt Fritzsche, Brian Hubbard, and Jon Kovach Jr. started the podcast to deliver to their entrepreneurial community, the Community of Achievers, the best resources and top-rated content to help with setting goals and achievements. They’ve built the number one community for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs (growing within a business), wantrepreneurs (want a business), soontrepreneurs (have business ideas), startups, small businesses, corporations, C-suite executives, board of directors, Fortune companies, etc., where they all can share their knowledge and build economies of scale.

(Left to right) Brian Hubbard, Matt Fritzsche, Jon Kovach Jr.

The Core Team Matt Fritzsche, owner and Founder of Amplified Minds, is a pro at mastermind groups, accountability, consulting, public speaking, and a hundred other things. He is a driven entrepreneur who is motivated to help others live the lifestyles they desire most by providing a community of like-minded individuals willing and ready to share experience, knowledge, ideas, and resources that will drive each to achieve the most important goals set for ourselves. His passion is to build the world’s largest community of achievers. Through Amplified Minds, he is accomplishing this by gathering local entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who mastermind together until they’ve achieved everything they’ve set out to do. Currently, 98.5% of all goals that have been set in the Amplified Minds Mastermind Groups and with the accountability coaches are achieved. Matt often asks where others think they would be if they achieved 98.5% of their personal, professional, and business goals. He believes that each person is either achieving their greatness or abandoning their potential. Brian Hubbard is a Co-founder and Partner with Amplified Minds. Brian is a successful entrepreneur, business owner, and public speaker. Brian refuses to let himself fail and refuses to let others fail. He strongly believes that peopl