Challenge Religion And People Wonder If You're Challenging Their Faith

Podcast Episode #4 Tribes, by Seth Godin The Circle of Knowledge podcast is brought to you by Amplify Minds helping entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and dreamers take their business ideas and goals to the next level. This podcast features best selling-industry resources and the professional panel discussion by the core team at Amplified Minds. Now here are their discussions. (Jon) Welcome to the Circle of Knowledge podcast. This is your host for today, Jon Kovach Jr. Sitting in this room with me today is Brian Hubbard and Matt Fritzsche. We're super excited to talk to you about a book and give you some insights that we're learning from the readings of these books. But I would like to pass it over to Brian. (Brian) Oh, and I'm actually playing hot potato. I'm passing over to Matt on this one for a little fun fact. (Matt) And I'm about to pass... just kidding. It's good to talk to you. We're going to share with you a quick fact about our team here at Amplified Minds. Something fun that we like to do when we need to get our minds away from the computer screens and off of all the deep topics we're always discussing, we get together and we rage on Rules of Survival and PUBG, the mobile app games. And by rage, I mean we rage so hard, dying as fast as we possibly can, which is pretty common, but we love it. Rules of Survival and PUBG. There you go. Team Amplified. (Brian) That is our shameless plug where we get nothing from it, but you should play with us. (Matt) Today's topic is going to come from the book, “Tribes,” by Seth Godin. I love this passage from the book, “challenge religion and people wonder if you're challenging their faith.” Look, guys, this is not a religious book. This is a book on leadership and building your tribe (community/following). But I think that is such an interesting idea. If you challenge someone's religion and people wonder if you're challenging their faith. We can take the religious aspect and then start to apply more towards the business side of things. A lot of the wars in history started because of religious disputes. Why is that? It's usually because one guy looks at another and says, “No, you're wrong,” and the other looks at the other and says, “No, you're wrong.” And it starts up a war, right? And it's all because they're challenging each other's religion. And when you challenge religion, people think that you're challenging their faith. How are wars started over it? This is where I'm going to tie this into business. Again, the passage is, "challenge religion and people wonder if you're challenging their faith." If you're you're listening and you're a salesman, network marketer, or you're starting your own business, and you have a product that you are selling to other people–even if you have an idea or a topic that you address in a conversation with another person, are you challenging their religion? If so, they're going to challenge everything that they know. From a sales standpoint, when you go in with a product that you're trying to get into somebody else's hands by telling them what you're currently using isn't good enough and you need to have my product, what are they thinking? They're not really thinking you're challenging the product. They're thinking you're challenging them because you made the decision to buy that first product. You're challenging them when you're going in and saying, "Look, what you're currently doing is not good enough." The same thing can happen in a regular conversation like starting a business. You might have entrepreneurs going to people working hard or going to school and working a nine to five job, which is honestly something we talk about a lot. Know the risk it takes to jump out of that lifestyle, but for an entrepreneur to come in and say, "you're never gonna go anywhere working a nine to five job so you should start a business," the person is not really thinking you're giving sound advice that I need to go start a business. They're thinking, “Really? Am I making that bad of a decision?” They feel like you're attacking them. Let's open it up. What do you guys think? Have you ever felt that? Have you ever seen that? (Brian) Have I ever seen the fact that when I challenge something they might get defensive and then they push it back on me or vice versa? (Matt) Have you ever been sold a product where somebody makes you feel like the decision you previously made to do x, y, and z wasn't good enough and therefore you find a disconnect with what they're trying to sell? (Brian) Yeah, actually. You know the one thing I'm actually going to bring up right now is once again outside of religion because this is not a religious book. The fun fact that Matt brought up about the game that we like to play is that game actually came from two other types of games? There's a game called PUBG and Fort Night. These are two of the biggest games. These are massive games. There is so much debate of which one's better. It's it's 100% opinionated of what you think is better. And the instant that I say no, this one is better the other person will say, "that's wrong.&q