New Venture Capital Firm Launched, Profit Vault

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (March 1, 2019)—Amplified Minds, which focuses on providing entrepreneurs, business owners and team leaders with accountability, business consulting services and access to a vast network of individuals, opportunities, software and networking events, announced today that owner Matt Fritzsche is partnering with industry experts to form independent venture capital firm, Profit Vault, LLC. This move has been done to further assist start-up and growth stage businesses with funding and executive support. The formation of Profit Vault comes as an answer to increasing demand for investment funds for Amplified Minds’ clients and prospects. Profit Vault looks to provide high level consulting services in addition to venture capital funds from a network of investors dedicated to the growth and success of small to medium size businesses.

Matthew D. Fritzsche, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Amplified Minds said, “as the company continues to grow and the need for funding continues to increase, we feel we are able to best serve current and prospective client opportunities through a separate firm solely dedicated to their growth through financial and executive support. Profit Vault has been created to meet this demand and aims to provide best-in-class services.”

The launch of Profit Vault includes the announcement of Profit Vault Venture Capital, a $20 million fund that will aid the growth of start-up and growth stage businesses. Founders Matthew Fritzsche, Gordon Anderson, Levi McPherson, Ryan Fritzsche and Emily Eads bring a combined 108 years of business experience in a multitude of industries, providing vast knowledge, resources and the ability to strategically aid companies in growth.

The General Partners bring the following experience to Profit Vault:

In addition to developing relationships with top entrepreneurs nationwide, Matt Fritzsche has grown multiple businesses including a multi-million-dollar company that continues to grow. His passion has been working with 1000s of clients through mastermind groups identifying and consulting on growth strategies and implementing valuable resources from his network to help their businesses grow.

Gordon Anderson brings over 40 years of vast business experience to the Profit Vault team. In addition to building and selling a successful global home improvement business, managing real estate investments and managing a gold mine in Africa, Gordon has worked as the Director of Compliance for a $108Million hedge fund.

Levi McPherson launched and sold his first business before he was 21 years old. He has a strong background growing companies across diverse market sectors; including MSP solutions, wholesale distribution, retail, financial services, manufacturing, marketing, and business services. In addition to successfully growing several of his own ventures, he has had the privilege of creating solutions for several Fortune 500 firms including Morgan Stanley, S&P Global, DirecTV, Comcast, Marriott and several others.

Ryan Fritzsche launched his first company 15 years ago. Since then, he has managed and grown multiple multimillion-dollar companies. His has worked with 1000's of businesses and oversees a portfolio of over a $100Million in annual transactions. Ryan has a passion for working with companies and developing systems within the company to allow for exponential growth.

Emily Eads launched her first company 20 years ago. With a passion for helping others she continues to be involved in several philanthropic organizations including holding a seat on the Board of the Egbert Foundation. Additionally, Emily has provided concierge services to high net-worth individuals and corporations for over 15 years and acts as Director of Operations for several businesses.


About Profit Vault

Profit Vault looks to provide venture capital funds from a network of investors dedicated to the growth and success of growth stage businesses across multiple asset classes ranging from real estate, currencies, technology and business services. To learn more about Profit Vault, submit inquiries to

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