Mastermind Groups

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Mastermind Groups

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For more information on the difference between the SILVER option and the GOLD option - please look below

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    Meet twice a month for 6 months with a hand selected group to ensure you gain the very most out of your experience.

    Mastermind Formula:

    • Establish your 6 month goal
    • Present your challenge or idea
    • Brainstorm with 10 people on how to build the idea, or resolve the challenge (like 1-on-10 coaching)
    • Set a short term goal based off of the group discussion
    • Be held accountable by the rest of the group and report to them in the next session
    • Receive follow up reminders via email weekly

    Twice in the 6 month span, we will have a PRO come and turn your Mastermind into a coaching session. Our PRO will hear your challenge/idea, lead out the discussion, and coach you towards success.


    In the Silver package, meet with other like minded individuals who are determined to succeed. To qualify, you must have a 6 month goal, a driven mentality, a vision of success, and the determination to achieve.


    In the Gold package, meet with top level entrepreneurs and other successes. These are those who make up the C suite, VP's, Presidents, and others who have mastered their trade and the art of creating success.