1-on-2 Coaching

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Mastermind (3).png

1-on-2 Coaching


Even the very best rely on advisors, mentors, and coaches. You can look at the very best athletes and even they rely heavily on their coaches. Our coaching includes:

- Once a week meeting via phone, Skype, or person

- Follow up emails, texts, and calls throughout the week

- All your questions, challenges, idea's run through our Mastermind format

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With experience in building a Multi-Million dollar company, Digipay Solutions, this team of coaches comes prepared to assist you in personal and professional development. Although we're showing 1-on-2 coaching, you may receive an extra treat with 1-on-3 coaching with another Pro!

"There is NO such thing as a Self-Made Man"

If you're serious about your success, and ready to invest in yourself, there's nothing better than a focussed Mastermind group like this.