If you've asked any of these questions, the Accountability Program is for you!

  • Where do I start?

  • How do I pitch?

  • How do I set the right goals?

  • Do I know the product well enough?

  • How do I build my team correctly?

  • How do I duplicate myself?

  • How do I overcome challenges?

  • How do I close a pitch?

What if you had a coach who had answers to all of these - AND - they worked with you until your goals are achieved?

  • Achieve your Plexus goals faster
  • Take away the stress of "selling"
  • Advance through the Plexus ranks
  • and make Plexus work for you!

Get Started Today!


You will receive:

  • A step-by-step plan to achieve your Plexus goals

  • Personal growth training

  • An accountability partner who:

    • Records your ultimate goal and your weekly goals

    • Challenges you to achieve them

    • Offers motivation

    • Provides follow up to any goal you've set for yourself

    • Helps you evaluate previous goals and pivot towards new ones

Amplified Minds is an accountability company that has partnered with PLEXUS to help YOU achieve your goals. Through our accountability programs, including our Mastermind Groups, participants have experienced a 98.5% achievement rate! How would your life change if you achieved 98.5% of all your goals?