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What you don't know CAN hurt you. The more you learn, the more you earn.


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Be The Dumbest Person In The Room

#5 How To Be A Bawse, By Lilly Singh

In this episode of the Circle of Knowledge podcast, the team discusses the concept of surrounding yourself with smarter people in order to grow as a person and professional, which derived from the book, "How To Be A Bawse," by Lilly Singh. 

Challenge Religion And People Wonder If You're Challenging Their Faith

#4 Tribes, Seth Godin

This episode of the Circle of Knowledge podcast features the intense, relevant and relatable discussions about the concept of challenging people's religion through your miscommunications. This episode is brought to you by Amplify Minds helping entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and dreamers take their business ideas and goals to the next level. This podcast features best selling-industry resources and the professional panel discussion by the core team at Amplified Minds.

Don't Focus On The Successes Of Others

#3 The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck, Mark Manson

From the third episode of the Circle of Knowledge podcast, Amplified Minds covered a key topic from the book, "The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck," by Mark Manson. It's vital that you do not focus on the successes of others. Instead, focus on you. Only you can do you.

Many people take action on what others are doing but rarely take action on what they are capable of achieving. Learn the art of focusing on yourself. 

It’s Not About Your IQ It's Your I CAN

#2 Blue Fishing, Steve Sims

From the Amplified Minds' Circle of Knowledge podcast episode #2-Blue Fishing, Steve Sims, Matt Fritzsche, Brian Hubbard, and Jon Kovach Jr talk about your will to take action through your I CAN mindset. Brian introduces the art of making things happen with a statement from the book, "it's not about your IQ, it's your I CAN."​

Far too many people fear that they cannot achieve certain goals because they lack the knowledge, resources, background, and skills necessary. Steve Sims, author of the book, “Blue Fishing,” and the Amplified Minds’ team believe that if you have the will to do anything and take massive action towards those goals, you can and will attain them.

Harness Your Darkside

#1 Relentless, Tim S. Grover

Matt Fritzsche, Brian Hubbard, and Jon Kovach Jr. introduce the subtle message and principle of harnessing your dark side from the book “Relentless,” by Tim S. Grover. Do you have the right stuff in you to take action when people say that you can’t do something? Use the negativity and the naysayers in life as fuel to show and prove others wrong. You deserve to prove it to yourself that you can do difficult things. Harness everything within yourself to build a drive for success.
What is your dark side? Is it getting stuff done? Is it being intentional with your approach to learning something new or unknown?

Circle of Knowledge Podcast

By Amplified Minds

The Circle of Knowledge podcast features discussions by Amplified Minds surrounding the golden tickets and key takeaways from best-selling books, leading articles, and knowledge enhancing resources. Amplified Minds will suggest resources, interview business owners, and mastermind solutions that help you with your entrepreneurial and business growth needs. 

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