We help business owners who are frustrated with the lack of authenticity at networking events and connect them with  professionals who are doing fun and interesting things.

Have you lost time and money networking?


Champion Circle connects you with exciting and successful professionals better than any other networking organization or group.


Build strategic relationships with high-level professionals that will help you win at life and actually get you paid. 

Our Champion Circle community is limited to applications for membership. Circles and groups will be available near you. 

Benefits & Services

• Full-year membership

• 1 monthly Champion Circle Mastermind (1/2 day event)

• 1-on-1 Professional Amplified Minds Accountability Partner

• Weekly Text/Video Messages from Accountability Partner

• Weekly reporting/KPI Measurement

• 1 Assigned Member Accountability Buddy

• 1 Monthly Training session by Jon Kovach Jr. & Keynote Partners

• 1 Private Online Facebook group

• Champions Circle Directory of other members

• Quarterly Interviews on the Amplified Minds Podcast, The Circle of Knowledge

• 4 x 90-Day Accountability Programs focused on Personal Growth, Personal Relationships, Business Relationships, & Partnership Development

• Discounted VIP Access to our Full-day and Two-day Events

• 90 Days of Mastermind Facilitation Training

• Exclusive Offer to Amplified Minds Retreats

• 1-on-1 meetings with each of our partners, Chris Krohn's Company, Merchant Solutions Services, Latent Wealth Strategies, Enduro Solutions, Divulge Marketing, iLeads LinkedIn, Griffin Motivation, etc.

• 1 Quarterly Lunch/Golf meeting with Champions Circle President and Board


Additional Gifts and Pleasantries:

• Weekly Newsletter

• Monthly Event Updates

• Priority Period Signups for monthly events

• Course Materials from Partners

• Introductions to our partners and services

• Discounted rates to our coaching and Accountability Partner programs

• Complimentary Amplified Minds Authority Creators Consultation