Meet The AM Team

Matt Fritzsche

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Entrepreneur, author, speaker, avid reader, piano player, car collector, family man, prefers cereal and frozen meals, dreams to have a Porsche model named after him

Jon Kovach Jr

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Entrepreneur, speaker, dino lover, sports enthusiast, curious, avid learner, PR expert, prefers skittles over m&m's, wants a life-size skeleton of a T-Rex in his living quarters

Emily Eads

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Entrepreneur, editor, creator, traveler, lifelong learner, management aficionado, couldn’t live without chips and queso, secretly wants to be Hermione Granger. 

Our team of experienced business owners and entrepreneurs are dedicated to helping you build your business by utilizing our unique skillsets. By combining renowned expertise in sales, marketing, public relations, business development, and organization management, we have a wealth of knowledge and resources to provide exceptional personalized 1-on-1 accountability coaching and mentorship and by facilitating an enhanced mastermind experience to your audiences.

Meet Our Partners


Ryan F. - Owner

High Risk/Low Risk Merchant Processor

I have worked in the payment processing industry for ten years. During this time, I have worked in all facets of the payment industry, including agent relations, customer support, technical support and management positions. I have developed and consulted for chargeback management, risk and fraud mitigation companies. I am passionate about working with companies to improve their abilities to perform through providing state of the art technologies and services.  I am here to work and serve your business.