1-On-1 Over The Phone

  • Receive texts throughout the week

  • Establish your vision

  • Set your MIT's (most important tasks)

  • Measure your progress and get reports

  • Have a REAL person hold you accountable, push you, motivate you and communicate with you until you achieve your goals. 

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Face-To-Face Over Zoom

  • Weekly zoom call (one call a week minimum, five calls maximum)

  • Establish what you want to achieve in a 3 hour period

  • Accountability partner watches over zoom and keeps you in check

  • Report what you achieved at the end

  • Be motivated and pushed to achieve those tasks that you need to get done

Achieve 98.5% of your goals!

Accountability will take you to the next level. Click below to get started, or call to explore more details.

  • Work with a personal accountability partner

  • Record your ultimate goal

  • Reverse engineer your vision into weekly goals

  • Set MIT's (most important tasks)

  • Receive motivation

  • Overcome challenges

  • Evaluate past goals and pivot towards new ones

  • See your progress

  • Achieve your goals