AIM is the easiest way to reach your goals through accountability and the help and support of those you follow. 

Imagine social media meets goal setting. Rather than following someone based on their past, you follow them to their future.

Set 10X and Daily/Weekly Goals

Set your 10x and daily/weekly goals that will drive you towards the life you're dreaming of right now! Share your passions, progress and achievements with all those around you!

Create A Vision Board

Your vision is where your journey begins. Where you see yourself in the future determines the actions you need to take now. Through AIM, your friends will know your journey, follow it and celebrate with you when you achieve those massive goals.

Support and Follow Your Friends

For the first time you get to follow your friends and family based on their future, not their past. Receive notifications when your friends support, remind, share resources and congratulate you on those things you're excited to achieve.

Be Held Accountable

AIM's goal to change the world (so cliche, we know) is to increase accountability throughout the world and watch as more and more people live the lives they desire. This is the platform to do it by reminding your friends to work on their dreams.

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