Does a Question Build Wealth

Have you ever thought of how powerful curiosity is? Curiosity led Thomas Edison to create the light bulb. Curiosity led Phil Knight to create Nike. Curiosity led to the Wright brothers successfully flying. I would dare say that curiosity breeds the most influential, powerful, and successful people in this world. How? How does asking questions create such a difference?

Asking questions is how you engage in learning. Whether you know it or not - great information that could change your life completely is presented in front of you all day, every day. Why aren't we catching this information? You're simply not prepared to receive the information! And why aren't you prepared? Because you're not asking questions.

"The only reason people do not know much is because they do not care to know. They are incurious. Incuriosity is the oddest and most foolish failing there is." - Stephen Fry

Likely, you've experienced this already. If you love to read, like I do, notice how you can read the same book a year later and completely different information pops out at you. Why? Because your life is in a completely different situation that has likely pushed you and your subconscious to internally ask different questions than you did before.

Here's the beauty of asking questions. It's how you grant yourself permission to advance in life. It led man to think, "What's faster than walking around everywhere?" They trained horses. Henry Ford asked, "How can we travel around faster than a horse and buggy?" The automobile took over the world. Elon Musk questioned, "How can we make travel more efficient, fun, luxurious, and environmentally friendly?" He created the newest trend in luxury - the Tesla. These are examples of how asking questions leads to advancement in the world. Apply the principle to you in your life. Maybe you're curious about a raise or a promotion. If you don't ask yourself why, first, you'll never get motivated to do it. If you don't ask how, you'll never gain the ability. Questions lead to advancement.

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Questions lead to actions and advancements - whether unacknowledged or completely aware. At the end of an answer to a questions is a call to action where you subconsciously think, "Is this important enough for me to apply in my life, now, and would I benefit from it?" (Which by the way, are just more questions). You make the decision - and your life alters.

A quick wrap up - ASK QUESTIONS. Questions encourage change, advancement, growth. If you don't ask questions, prep yourself to remain steady and plateau your life. You don't want that and I don't want that for you! Ask questions. It's how the best, most powerful and influential people become the legends they are now. Don't believe me? ASK someone.