Knowledge Isn't Power - It's Potential Power

If you've read this far, you've already qualified yourself as the person seeking to take their life to the next level. Whether we title it personal development, maximum achievement, or self-mastery, one thing is certain - to achieve personal greatness you must engage in learning. Lot's of learning! It could be from blogs, articles, mentors, teachers, books, podcasts, and so on. Wherever this information comes from, there is one truth - Knowledge is only potential power! So let's turn knowledge into power with this secret!

  1. The second you feel motivated, or motivated to act, you must WALK AWAY and go take action!

This is 1 success key to turn knowledge into power!

Let's build on this idea a little. How many times have you been half-way through a great podcast, an amazing article, etc., and had some sort of great prompting to get up and do something? What happened next? If you're like too many people, you continued on as if the same motivation to act is guaranteed afterwards. It's not.

In sales, they talk about not overselling the sale. When the customer says they're ready to buy, you close the deal! If you continue selling after they're ready to buy, you run the risk of an overload giving them more things to think about - and thus more time to say no. Shut up and close the deal. That same principle applies here. Turn the podcast off, close the article, shut the book, and go take the actions while they're hot and fresh on your mind! Overselling the motivation is to disregard the promptings, continue listening or reading, only to lose the motivation and action idea when all is said and done. Don't oversell the motivation.

Walk away! The very moment you're fed with the action you know you must take along with the motivation to do so, the MOST IMPORTANT THING TO DO IS WALK AWAY AND TAKE THE ACTIONS. Those thoughts and promptings come and go as new idea's are introduced. You must take action immediately or run the risk of losing the chance altogether.

Example: You're reading a great book on increasing your presence via social media. You learn about the power of #hashtags. You know that using them will gain attention and you feel motivated to create a great post right now. There are two options - 1. Continue reading while hoping the action and motivation stay with you, or, 2. You put the book down and create the great post immediately.

The knowledge is great, but it's only potential power. The power that comes from knowledge is the ability to respond quickly, when motivated, towards the application process! It is the ONLY way to progress - the ONLY way to fulfill your potential.

Just imagine the person you would be right now if you spent the time immediately taking action on the knowledge you gain. Who would you be? What would you be doing? Would you be a better person? Would your business be further along? It's not too late to start becoming the best of which you are capable!


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